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Showing posts from May 29, 2011

Jesus Walks

This multi media piece, "Jesus Walks" was created in 2009 using watercolors, ink, and paper cuttings. For more information on this piece, contact me at Jesus Walks I remember these words from a song almost a lifetime ago, "...and he walks with me." He did, and does and will - walk with me on this journey. "...and he talks with me." In sitting with lunch with a close friend, in the uninhibited smile of a little child, in the moment I feel like throwing in the towel and don't because somewhere, somehow there he is and there is hope. "...and he tells me I am his own." Even when I fail, even when I'm not sure who I am or where I'm to go next - I am my beloved's and he is mine... and he, walks with me. T.L. Eastman 2011

Youth Convo and Synod Assembly 2011

The totes packed, there is a Walmart run to do, and some laundry to wash before I hit the road; but Ladies and Gentlemen never's Convo time again! In the next few days, many folks from the ELCA will be traveling to Rochester NY for the 2011 Upstate NY Synod Assembly. As we gather together, face-to-face and some following online; please pray for God's leading, direction and blessing for this time. Participate in this prayer each day of the Assembly - for when we pray together we are authentic community.... Wednesday June 1st : God I pray a blessing and energy to the individuals working to assemble the pieces of Convo, YA'll and the Assembly 2011. Thursday June 2nd: God I pray for traveling merices for those on their way to Rochester, those preparing for the youth attending Convo and for their time of training and fellowship. Friday June 3rd: God I pray for all the youth and young adults on their way to Rochester for CONVO and Ya'll. May this Convo be a tru