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Showing posts from November 26, 2006

Most Connected/ Least Connected

Least Connected is how I feel when all the rushing to duties removes the possibility of time to steal a chat, a smile, a hug or a look. Most Connected is how I feel when the friend that I'm thinking of digits are on my caller id blinking. Least Connected is what happens when my life has lifted, out of my hands and placed within reach of someone that would be happy to see: me pushed, shoved and locked into their controlling, cold, dark closet. Most connected is what happens when walking down a November street - a resturanteur friend I know shouts, "Hey Tara come in, relax and take the world off your feet. Inhale Exhale Connect and Release. Connections that teach me how to live are the ones that I keep. Most connected is the "Wow" moment when I realise that the people that try to confine me are really the helpless captives in disguise. Isolation and division break the foundations of a plan. Purpose, excitement, encouragement and vision help me to stay f