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Purple Crayons are beautiful

It's important for you to know, that I hate to clean out my wallet. While I love to see it all organized and tidy, the process of un-stuffing and sorting is at the bottom of my list of "things I like to do." However, in the process of un-stuffing my wallet I found something of beauty. I came across a purple crayon. This purple crayon. Yes at first it reminded me of the kid's story, "Harold and the purple crayon" , and then it reminded me of a friend who always stops to take photos of every purple flower she finds.  Hold that thought.  Every. Purple. Flower. Is. Something. To. Take. Note. Of. So when I took the purple crayon out of my wallet. I thought of Harold's Crayon. Then Elle's purple flowers. The purple iris's I saw on a nature walk this week. Every. Purple. Something. Is. Something. To. Take. Note. Of. Purple beauty is everywhere. There is beauty all around us, that hides in plan sight. Crayons are stuffed in