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SWB: Advent - a season with Mary, a girl with moxy.

An author acquaintance of mine, Enuma Okoro , recently wrote and was published at ABC news weekly inspiration , some thoughts concerning Mary (the mother of Christ) and what kind of person she really must have been. There has always been a great deal of wonder and speculation about Mary, but what I love about what Enuma brings to light is, the attitude of courageous expectation she must have possessed. In a less-than-best-circumstance, Mary was willing to say - "As you say, so shall it be with me." She considered herself 'blessed', where many would have not. I'm impressed with Mary even more now that I see her as a young woman with "moxy" as a characteristic. Somehow that makes me smile. I'm also challenged to follow the example of Mary in this Advent season, by living in a space of courageous expectation. Courageous because of the ability to be active and impacting even difficult circumstances and expectant because of God's provision - in al

Faces of love

September 2010 They change so fast, they move so swiftly, their ability to adapt is really quite nifty. They once were so small and now have grown tall - my daughter, my son - my heart - my all.