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Showing posts from March 29, 2009

Cookies as far as the nose can smell

Today was a HUGE cookie bake fest with my youth group. We are trying to raise some funds for our trip to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering for the ELCA. This Sunday we will be holding a cookie and discount card sale to help with some of the expenses of the trip. It took a lot of work, but we ended up with 27 dozen cookies by the end of the day! For the complete photo log of our cooking adventure, go to my Facebook account and look at the 27 Dozen Album . Bon Appetite! Much thanks to all that helped today: Sue, Tristan, Venya, Hannah, Scott, Will, Delia, Hebner, and Libby. You made it a great day!

People labels or true colors?

I came across this video via Marko's blog this week. It got me to thinking... What do you think the labels we place upon each other in society do to our relationships? Have you ever been labeled? What do you think would happen if all the labels just disappeared? What do you think about labels?

Looking for the right words and I need your help!

Image from A year from Oak Cottage . A few weeks ago, my office was repainted in some welcoming and cheery colors: Spice, Plum and Realm. I found my paint at True Value from a color swatch card. "Wow - that's it!" is what I stated when I opened the envelope at the color swatch card inside. Now this is what I'm looking for - only in a quote. At the top of the wall I have a large blank section that I'd like to place a thoughtful quote upon. This is the one I was considering: "And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8 How would you respond walking into a space with that painted upon the wall? Would it feel welcoming? What is your first impression of that quote? If you have any quote suggestions for this project, let me know. My goal is for the space to make those who enter feel welcome and safe. Let's see what we can discover together. When the work is done I'll post

Variety bag Wednesday

This lamp can be found at Geekologie . It was one of those days. Lots of variety, a little progress, several delays, lots of belly laughs, some sadness, a clumsy moment and a lovely bit of weirdness. Weirdness like this lamp above - don't you love it? Some planning for the next couple months of youth activities was accomplished, I spent too much time on an unsuccessful mp3 downloading project, for every phone message I answered - It seemed I received 2 more in their place, exercised TWICE today, I did not skip lunch , went to my Middle school group and we worked on a video project, chatted with a friend over a sad circumstance, picked up some supplies and dinner before youth group, ate dinner, played a group game called "RAGING ELEPHANT" only to wipe out on my right knee and end up with a giant purple and green ( and I hope temporary) lump below my kneecap, but besides the bag of old freezer-burnt hamburgers sitting in my injury during our lesson - I thoroughly enjoye

Still and quiet

Image from Art by Wicks Still and quiet, still and quiet. I have to still myself to hear it. If only I'd be more still and quiet I would not have to try so hard to hear the words that give me life. Still and quiet, are the words that give me life. T.L. Eastman 09' I think these words may be the start of a song. Thanks, Mel :)

The Middle Place and designer jeans

This last weekend, I had the opportunity and time to hit the mall and wander around my local Walden books/Borders store. I was there with my daughter as she was picking out a few books for part of her birthday gift. They had a decent sale going on, so I ended up with two books of my own as I left the store that day. One was "The Unlikely Disciple" by Kevin Roose, a journalistic expose on his incognito semester at Liberty University (which I just started today) and another up and coming book called, "The Middle Place" by Kelly Corigan. About two weeks ago, a woman at the bookstore had suggested this book to me. Upon hearing that the book was based on the author's real-life dealings with cancer, I decided against it - I thought something more upbeat would be better to read. This weekend, yet another woman at the book store tells me that "The Middle Place" is a must read. Either I was overcome with book greed or the red buy one get one sticker we

SWB: So much to be thankful for

Some days it's funny how emotion just can roll over me like, well. A steam roller. If I only relied on my emotions - (as I often do) loving my gut instinct and all - I'd really miss out on some serious bread. Bread as in consolation, I mean. Not the green kind. The desolation of the last week was a dear friend and co-worker be hospitalized, but thankfully he is home and on his way to recovery. I had a check up of my own last week and had my own share of tests. Have you ever had the possibility of a health issue totally freak you out? Now that I'm on the other side of the results, although they are good results; I find myself weepy. This seems weird to me - shouldn't I be doing jumping jacks? Maybe now that I know its safe, I can let the tears roll. Do you know what I mean by this? But really, the roller coaster of health issues is not a fun ride. There is too much uncertainity and lack of control in the medical arena - so back on the exercise and food journal

Sunday Pasta Dinner

(Image from I mmanuel Lutheran School web page ) Sigh... a busy morning at church is over and we load up the Toyota with bags of food. Garlic bread wrapped in foil and already sliced; ready to go into the oven and fill the house with garlic butter goodness. Spicy Alfredo Pasta in a deep dish pan and topped with shredded mozzarella. A lidded and bagged pan of red sauce with meatballs is ready to go. The friendly decorated birthday cake and 20 cupcakes with fresh fruit on top are secured in foil and a cupcake carrier. Two kinds of soda and ice cream are ready and waiting to accompany the dessert. They make good company. Birthday pasta dinner at Grandma's house is on us this week. The tossed salad is there all ready and waiting for us - oh and the family is waiting for us too. Oh, oh and the presents - don't forget the brightly wrapped PRESENTS ! The birthday-mobile is on the road with everything we need to celebrate: Food, the birthday girl and even the candles. Yes,