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The practice of being human

Like a foot that has fallen asleep, the process of "waking up" those toes isn't comfortable. Like the eyes that have grow accustomed to the cool darkness of a movie theater; there is much squinting and stumbling when reentering the light of day. Feeling and seeing are necessary to life. These senses help to keep us safe. But when we tamp them down... to save time....         to save energy.......                 to save face in relationships..... We aren't saving anything at all. In fact, we lose ourselves and walk in a stupor of presence minus engagement.......                       a warm body but a mind that meanders over old tapes and trappings..........                                             a life lived in relation to people, instead of in relationships with people. It's time to wake up. To be blinded, for a moment, by the sun. To hop around on one foot, pins and needles and feel the feelings that have been buried. To see

A rest with St. Bernard

Image found at Doctors of the Church When I learned today was your day of remembrance, I took some time to learn more about your life. You were a teacher, preacher, and healer of divisions.You honored Mary, calling her the treasure and heart of God. While you longed for a quiet life of prayer and service in the Abby, God called you to use your gifts of communication to bridge the gaps for the church and communities that beckoned. You took your call to share good news seriously - but felt the pain of your words being twisted. That pain is said to be what ended your life too soon. If we were to sit down for a chat, I'd ask how you maintained balance; one foot in the church and the other in the world. While I might not be preaching to the masses like you; I understand what it's like to stand with each foot on different plots.  As a pastor today, you would probably be defined a community developer-redeveloper. You would be working with new and old systems. You would be