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Showing posts from August 22, 2010

Roger's Mural Fin!

Our lives are not measured by the stuff we have, but by the stuff we do with them. Let's go do some great stuff. T.L.E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to Roger's Elementary School , the Arts Council of Chautauqua County , the support and help of the Roger's Maintenance Staff and Renee Pye (Who painted this mural with me this summer and is pictured on the left of the photo above.) It's amazing when a dream of beauty and joy becomes a reality and somehow you have the honor of helping it come to pass.


A few years ago, I came upon this video to the song "Sleep" by Riley Armstrong . It's a clever song and the claymation effects in the video are fun, but I think Mr. Armstrong make a good point - " Sleep, I never get enough." How can we hold on to bread (the things that enrich our lives if we don't take the time to reflect, rest and relax? This call to rest is one I need to heed more and I'm making intentional efforts to improve in this area. To be honest, this "Monday" meme is late due to taking a couple of days to rest and recoup after a very busy August of youth programs and field trips galore. Some of the best places for me to find rest and thoughtfulness can be in writing a blog post, having a lunch and conversation with a friend, playing some music or yes - even just taking a nap. So as you think about the bread of your life this week, I'd like to not only encourage you to write about how you best experience rest, but to actually do