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Reset the ripples

Image found at Facebook for Treasure Lake . *Take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a quiet pond, complete with singing frogs, tall reeds and plenty stones for skipping.  Pick up two stones. Think about two things you would pray for: One for the world and you personally.  Toss your stones to skip across the water and watch the ripples as a result of their impact. As the ripples grow, pray for God to work in the world and your life - and help you to act on making ripples for good.* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All week I've been thinking about this scripture text in order to prepare for a children's message this Sunday. I've considered talking things that "swamp" our lives with unnecessary fear, but I keep coming back to ripples. In this text, the disciples are afraid (when aren't they), Jesus is tired from teaching and

Wear today well

You take your time like choosing a fine wine. What color? What flavor? What year? You draw near even in the face of fear. What courage. What gusto. What gear. You give more than I can ignore. What grace. What wisdom. What light. Harvest has come and I'm left undone in fields weary from worry and strife. The storehouse is closed, bails loaded - brows bowed. The work of the day is worn like old clothes. Bring rest in the day and refreshment along the way. Dig a soul well deep in ebb or flow. Create something sweet from each challenge we meet. Store it in the heart cellar for a cold rainy day - like today. Copyright T.L. Eastman June 2012 Image by donnobru on deviant art - visit donnobru's site by clicking here.

Reflections on Luke 5

Fish in the light of day, fish with your whole heart. Fish for people today - cast off, make a start. Be bold, stand strong through the night till morning's dawn. Be brave, stand true till beautiful feet touch morning's dew. Just when you think it's over, just when you think it's done the journeys' just beginning - the struggle Jesus has won. Live love out in the light of day. Life love even in the dark. Give love to the full - never sparing a part. Be willing, be open to the road ahead. Be real, be broken - lean on me each step. Just when your dream has ended. Just when it fades away. The sun had just risen - it's the beginning of a new day. Copyright T.L. Eastman June 2012 Luke 5: 5-11 5  Simon answered, “Master, ( E )  we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. ( F ) But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” 6  When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. ( G ) 7  So they