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Showing posts from November 19, 2006

Turkey Legs

In honour of the upcoming holiday, I wrote a little ditty for my kids church group in order to encourage "thankfulness". (To the tune of Jingle Bells) Turkey Legs, Turkey Legs, Turkey Legs - Hooray! Thanksgiving time is coming, Harvest is on the way. Cranberries, Pumpkin Pie and Gravy all the day. Thanksgiving time is coming soon, so give your thanks today! _________________________________ I'm thankful for my husband - who comes to church dinners when he dosn't have to. I'm thankful for the groceries in my lazy susan - I could feed my family for a few days off of the many items that are on that circular food store. I'm thankful for the ability to share what I can with others. I'm thankful for God's mercy and grace & how he has been with me through everything! My children's smile and antics. They are memory makers. Add your thanks in the comment box if you like... Peace and Joy...

New PJ's and a haircut

I got a new haircut. I got jammies. My almost 10 year old son thinks that they are cool enough to wear to work. Don't I wish I could. I long for newness. Like the new car smell, minus the car payment. How about the way red hair color looks when it's fresh. I always hate it when it fades. I yearn for the vivid, creative, life-giving moments that suprise and keep me facinated about the sychronicity of life. Hair cuts, jammies and sychronicity. You'll only find all three of those things discussed here at the Uphill Idealist. It's that kind of place. PS> You can wear your jammies when you visit - if you want too. Enjoy.

Sleeping with Bread

When do I feel the least Creative? When do I Feel the most Creative? --------------------------- Officially it's Monday. Today is sleeping bread day. Today's the day for laundry catch-up. Today is grocery day. Creative - I don't feel it. It just kinda takes over me. There could be piles of laundry and a fridge that's almost empty. Creative is what happens when I open the post for this blog. Creative is what happens when I see beauty in the odd. Creating - I know I need it. Like tea and sympathy. Created - Yes I am, and I'm trying to be simply me. Today is sleeping bread day, I'm sorry to miss last weeks'. Creating is what I'm here for. Anything else would just be - cheap.