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Showing posts from December 31, 2006

Prayer update

Mom broke her kneecap into two segments and has to have surgery to remove the broken kneecap and have it replaced with a "plastic" kneecap. Surgery is on Wednesday afternoon. thanks, Tara

Dear Blogging friends: Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for my mother in law Janet Eastman, as around noon today she tripped and fell in her kitchen and landed on her kneecap. She is currently at the hospital, as she could not walk and had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance. At this point there is a great possibility the she fractured her kneecap. Keep Janet in you're prayers today as she is very uncomfortable as a result of this injury. Peace, Tara

SWB: New years

New Years Here's to more of laughter and less of tears. Here's to visions being more concrete than lost dreams. Here's to board games, mulled cider and happy homes. There's been shadow and there's been pain. But thanks be to God for keeping us sane. Here's to kindness and not the scorn. Here's to excitement of a new day just born. Here's to new shoes and how they might be worn. There's been lies and there's been grief But thanks be to God for bringing relief. Here's to comfort in times of pain. Here's to rest when you're feeling drained. Here's to help when you're hurt and alone. There's been fragments and there's been breaks But thanks be to God for giving us what it takes.


On the cusp of seeing the dream become the reality of where I'm waking. On the edge of taking the chance, like walking on water or new steps to that dance. On the cusp of waking from pain to see my own life being born again. Drinking in life and exhaling hope. Delivering new moments that are yet to be wrote. Taking in air to sing once more, This time the melody won't whisper - I'll roar.