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Monday Sleeping with bread returns - Run the race

It's been quite a long time since I've posted a Monday Meme of "Sleeping with Bread" . Every Monday a lovely group of bloggers would gather to post reflections of thanksgiving on the bread that God had given for the week as well as the bread that was needed for walking the week ahead.  Over the weekend, I have been working ahead for some bread to share this coming Sunday (Oct. 5th) at my home congregation at First Lutheran Church in Jamestown NY. What you find below is also a message that is part of my studies for an online Preaching class with Wartburg Seminary facilitated by Professor Samuel Giere  . All this said, I am thinking that the message below, connected once again with the "Sleeping with Bread" Meme  may be a good combination for conversation and encouragement to consider this question... "What do I need to let go of, and what do I need to hold on to in the week ahead?" If you like, take a few minutes to watch the vide