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25 Valentines Days or Time Flies!

(Valentine Ian made for me 2012) Love Takes Time Love Makes Time Now is the Time --Paul Pearsall Thankful for the love and time we've already shared, so thankful that we step forward together in the adventures to come.  1989-2013 and counting. Happy Valentine's Day Ringo. -Dove

Silence, Yoda, Tigger and Lent

I'm not good at silence. In fact, I'm so much of a talker that when I have to focus, I sometimes have to remove myself from people in order to meet a deadline. It's not that I can't focus, but it's that I really like people (most days) that much!  I am one of those people that used to get comments on their report cards like... Is a good student that needs to apply herself.... Needs to spend less time talking with her neighbor... and so on. My Dad gave me the nickname 'Tigger' as a kid too. Not only was I a talker, but a bouncer as well. Tigger image found at Pankblog I think you get my point. I'm not that good at silence or sitting still. While I like to think I listen to people fairly well, my prayerful listening could really use some work. While I'm fascinated by "centering, contemplative, and reflective forms of prayer", I'm usually to restless a person to manage silent prayer for more than a few minutes. Howe

Visiting Europe for Fat Tuesday...

That is, if expresso and cannoli can get me there. :) Happy Fat Tuesday to you and yours! T

At 22 and 42

At age 22 I didn't have a clue but had my husband and baby too. Lived inside an old business school, which was really cool and big too. My heart was full of optimism, energy and hope. Drove a used Omni car, it got us here and there; but not too for too long by far. I did what I could to love my baby, husband as I best could.  My friends were so close: next door, upstairs and a stroller walk if I needed to see them and should. Now at 42 I know enough to say I probably still don't have a clue. Living in a house full of life and promise and time. I drive my days and hope to stretch them to last just a little bit longer and fuller. How about you? Doing my best, knowing I'm blessed and thankful for grace to start again. My heart is open to what's just round the bend and beating with the hope that brought it to life way back then... at  age 22. How about you?