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Family of joy

A few months ago, I received a call from a Pastor that oversees youth ministry for the Upstate and Western NY. She asked me if I would be interested in coming to Convo in Rochester to serve as Chaplin. My first response was "Chaplin?!!?" My second response was, " Am I able to do this?" and my third was, "What exactly is Convo?". Convo is a senior-high youth gathering of the Synod area that is part retreat, part community building, part church camp culture, part service project and part education in the business and voting aspects of the Lutheran church. Some of the responsibilities of the individual serving as "Chaplin", is to help plan the curriculum for the small group time for students, assist individuals with prayer support and a listening ear, and to be curator and tender of the prayer space used by the students and staff throughout the week. Convo is something very unique in way of youth ministry events as it is six days long. The s

SWB: What to remember

Image found at Lesson Swap Do this in remembrance of me. How much in life do I really remember or bring back in my mind as something good to hold on to? When I experience something that is good, uplifting or even a challenge am I quick to dismiss it and move on to the next thing - or do I truly remember. Do this in remembrance of me. One of the most common ways I work to remember or mark these rememberings is to write and blog about them. Sometimes in my journal, I'll draw a picture of something that I feel captures the feeling of that moment. Sometimes its accurate, sometimes it's not. What is it that people say? "Perception is everything." Do this in remembrance of me. This phrase is what Jesus says at the conclusion of the first communion supper. Jesus took the bread - representing his body broke it and gave it to all surrounding him. Then Jesus took the wine - representing his blood that would be split and passed the cup for all to partake. Then he sa