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NYWC Network really helpful

Hey just in case you are attending or have some friends that are attending the NYWC in Pittsburgh this weekend they have a communication and planning network up that is really helpful in making connections and working out your schedule for the weekend. Let me know if you'll be there and we can catch up in the 'Burgh! Here's the link to my profile on the YS site: Tara's YS page. Tara

I had this wonderful moment

...On Sunday when I was helping serve Communion for the contemporary service. People were coming up for the elements (bread and wine) and I was saying to them, "This is the body of Christ, shed for you." as they dipped their bread into the cup I was holding. I felt like I was standing in they exact place I was supposed to be standing at 10:37 am Sunday October 26th, 2008. There was a rightness about it that made everything seem surreal for about five minutes or so. In that place of communion with people and God - I felt that was where I'm called to be. It seemed like home.

Sleeping with bread - What gives and drains life

Draining life reminds me of doing dishes. Be it the sound of water rushing down the growling disposal or not - stuff goes down the drain everyday. Right now as I write there are a sink full waiting for me. But they will just have to wait. Maybe it's all a reminder of this Monday examen, both in the symbolism and reality of letting something go of one thing in order to hold on to something good. This last week was busy. I'm constantly introducing myself and retelling what feels like my life story. At my new office the other staff kept saying, " All we feel we're doing is giving you more files and info every minute." It was a lot to take in and some moments were weird. I did not relocate to move to work at my new church, but in most ways it feels as I have since somehow I don't really know anyone who attends the church from my sixteen years of living in the community of Jamestown. Its all new and yet familiar all at once. I take my daughter to school in the