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Showing posts from January 7, 2007

Veggies, antibiotics and me

This week was up and down and all around. To be honest, it wore me out a bit. Although it worked out that the beginning of the week was off of work I had plenty of catch up at home. Laundry Cleaning the bathroom Taking my daughter to the Dr's More Laundry Reading for schoolwork.. (never ending!) As the week progressed we all chipped in helping Mom out as she is recovering from knee surgery. So we all took turns staying overnight. Ian had Monday and Tuesday, I had Wednesday and Thursday the grandkids tag teamed for the weekend. There were two funerals this week that I attended or was involved in. Thursday morning I found out that my close friend Heather B.'s father had passed away. Also the brother of a youth group member passed away the week before and I had to honor to help plan and sing for the funeral service on Friday. It was a week of many old memories, new relationships and some sad tears, but I think I'm a better person for having gone through it. My friend Heather a

Fishing with bread

I keep thinking about the scripture when Jesus tells Peter (and his brother) to drop what they are doing and come with him to "fish" for people. Fishing isn't something you can do half hearted. You have to have a net, a boat, and the person to teach you how to fish. I sense that Jesus is asking me a similar question and asking me to trust in him to be my net,boat and teacher. I'm goin' fishing... So this is my Monday bread: Mom came out of surgery and will be ok although the recovery will be 4 to 6 weeks and then physical therapy. My birthday was fun with a Mexican Dinner and receiving an Ipod shuffle from my family.(the better to go and walk with) My house needs a good cleaning, and I'm home to care for my sick daughter and all I want to do is sleep with bread. Why is that? I have bread, hope and an ipod Shuffle to get me moving and all I want to do is go fishing. PS> I want this fish tattoo.

One more internet connection

So I was invited to join "facebook" and decided to try it out for a spin. It may be another good way to connect with old friends and to network for the concert outreaches I love to plan and promote. Here's to what happens on a personal day!