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Break open the treasure of God...

Come and be here, steal past my fears, O wounded healer, O humble leader. Show me your hands. Show me your sides. O holy victim, O crucified. I will receive you now. I will receive your love. I will believe in you. I will go on with you. Speak to my heart. Bring me your peace. O broken Savior – O gentle fighter. Breathe on my face. The breath of life. O my Christ let me – share in your life.  Bring to my lips now – your blood and body. O bread of heaven, O hope of glory. Send me in love into the world. O faithful teacher – wisdom of God.   Prayer from book of Uncommon Prayer The prayer I just shared with you is based on the account of Thomas, coming to see Jesus after the resurrection. Even in his questions, Thomas comes to Jesus. Thomas asks for a blessing. Thomas, amid great danger and risk – goes to the upper room, to receive what is needed from Jesus – to then go into the world and proclaim the good news in word AND action. While today’s text is not the lesson of Thomas – this