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Fullness of life and poems for summer's abundence

How to Feel the Sap Rising (a poem for summer) Walk as slowly as possible, all the while imagining yourself moving through pools of honey and dancing with  snails, turtles, and caterpillars. Turn your body in a clockwise direction to inspire your dreams to flow upward. Imagine the trees are your own wise ancestors offering their emerald leaves to you as a sacred text. Lay yourself down across earth  and stones.  Feel the vibration of  dirt and moss, sparking a tiny (or tremendous) revolution in your heart with their own great longing. Close your eyes and forget this border of skin.  Imagine the breeze blowing through your hair is the breath of the forest and your own breath joined, rising and falling in ancient rhythms. Open your eyes again and see it is true, that there is no "me" and "tree"  but only One great pulsing of life, one sap which nourishes and  enlivens all, one great nectar bestowing trust and wonder. Open your eyes and see that there are no more words