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Showing posts from May 22, 2011

That's who I am...

Is a gem you need to watch soon. It's about: dignity, courage, and hope. If you need a little of any of those things, watch this film.

Artwork for shirts

Here is the shirt logo that I created for this year's Youth Convo coming up in June. The Convo shirts have "Convo 2011" on them, but I've had some outside requests for this artwork. Let me know if you are interested in the graphic. Have a happy art-filled day! Tara

Sleeping with bread Monday: Thankfulness

Image from Wikipedia. If I could knit, I'd knit a sweater out of the things I'm thankful for. I'd wear that sweater in all kinds of weather. If it was hot, I'd think of the clean water I have to drink. If it was cold, I'd think of the layers of clothing I have to put under my thankfulness sweater. If I was hungry, I'd think of how thankful I'd be for a healthy body that can metabolize food. If I was hurting, I'd think of the loving people in my life and take their affirming words and actions to wrap around me. Keeping my mind in a place of thankfulness is often not as easy a putting on a sweater when I'm chilly. In fact there have been some chills this last week that are making it hard to think I'll ever feel warm again. But this image of a thankfulness sweater is one that has captured my imagination - and so I'm beginning to think of doing some knitting. I'll need some directions, some lessons and even a pattern for this thankfulness

Who's on your bus?

Image from Cool Clips For the last year I've been in the process of continuing studies in the area of Youth Ministry and Theology with Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey. In the last year, I've traveled to NJ three times and each time I come home with new ideas, knowledge and my heart filled to the brim with encouragement. There is a challenge in keeping to the practice of study is in the pace and challenge of everyday life, but for now PTS's: Certificate in Youth Ministry and Theology is just the right fit. Allowing time and space for growth and learning is very important to me. As a non-traditional adult student throughout my associate and bachelors studies, I developed a love of having a period of time to absorb, muddle through and come to an internalization of new concepts.That kind of time and space helps things to settle and the learning to move past being information in your head to something that truly becomes a part of your entire being. For me, lea