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Showing posts from July 4, 2010

4 Summer hair wishes

I've been bitten by the hair bug yet again. On Monday I have an appointment and I'm looking for some fun summer ideas. Here are a few options this far. Wish #1 was found on the blog Sarah Says on a random search.The original blogger is now posting at the blog Starfish . This first one I really love, but what about these other options? Wish #2 Like this... these cool hair cut photos are from a salon in Lisbon, Portugal called WIP- hairport . Wish #3 Or finally, Wish #4 Which wish do you prefer for me?

Flip the switch

Image from blog Soul Sanctuary Flip the switch that switched in me. Where did that feeling of rest go to be. Wonder never cease and the sun shines bright. Can I go back to that place of fancy free and flight? If I could, I'd throw that worry switch far away, so it would never again darken my door or see the light of day. Let loose that hair and put on those comfy clothes, no matter the placement rest won't have to say "Adios!" Flip that switch that switched so silently... Flick it again, and quick get out that duct tape and stick flurry forever "off" and away from me. T.L. Eastman July 2010

Vacation time

As I'd mentioned, I've been loving and living in the sun as much a possible the last few weeks - including spending last week at LCLC working with Confirmation Camp. What a great week! This week, I'll be on vacation and spending some much needed time resting and being "with" my family. We may even take in a museum or two as well. Have a great week, hope your 4th weekend was wonderful and see you soon. Tara Lamont PS> We just got a new digital camera, so I hope to show you the further tan development of Summer 2010! (Don't fret all, I still am using sunscreen!)