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Chicken noodle soup

Image found at Homemade Soup blog. Chicken noodle soup is good for: stuffy noses, hearts that are broken, weary bodies and burdened minds. What is the fix dancing inside that bowl? Water, carrots, noodles and broth - everyday items cooked in love and brought - comfort for life, and breath and soul. Wrap me up and hold me tight. Swaddle me like an infant tonight. Hold me in the place of safety and rest - so the noodle soup, now in my stomach, can work it's best.

Christian community: Fire keepers or hearth tenders?

Image found at blog: seeking spirit. Prayer: Lord, you have called us into life, now by your grace, reveal to us Your truth, show us Your way, and lead us in the life that is abundant. let your witness speak clearly and effectively words, that would indeed work in our lives for the benefit of Your Kingdom, and make us listen with discerning minds and hearts. AMEN. Do you remember the opening song from the TV show Cheers? The main chorus of the song "Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same You wanna be where everybody knows Your name." source: Being a part of a caring, inclusive community is something that is important to most e


Escher's "hands" image found at World of Escher . Between what was and whats to come. Between beginnings and conclusion of some. Between the place of being understood and to others: being up to no-good. This state of being not quite one or the other sometimes can be such a bother. Does one explain this in-between role? Being part of one and part of another - can be an impossible goal. To your own and other's brain, being in-between roles is not boring, predictable or mundane. To some its odd and to others it's a grace - to work and move in two roles in this space.

Fog dream

(Image by Crazytyler29 and found @ deviantart resources) Cocooned in warmth and still in mid dream the day begins. Foggy paths wait outside. The glowing moon is still overhead and beaming down and into the window upon me. I'm caught between night and day, darkness and light, sleeping and sight. The life of my dreams is still moving along like a flickering old film, but I can smell to coffee and hear the early morning shuffle rattling about the house. Even the dog wants to stay asleep - she groans as my door is tapped open by an anxious-to-get-to-school-really-early teenager. "I'm awake", I say - or maybe saying these words will start to get me there. Somehow, placing my feet on the floor would be so much easier if I could recall the dream that's already vanishing like the fog, evaporating from the warmth of the Autumn sun. Goodnight moon, hello sun - The time to awake to the day at hand. I have to leave the nightlife and shadow until the moon rises again.

Day of rest

Van Gogh's "Noon rest from work after millet." Painting "Sabbath Rest' found at blog 'A voice in the dead woods'. A day of rest, a day of blessed, a day of open, a day of free. A day of sun, a day of fun, a day of wandering, meandering, and be. A day to linger, a day to tinker, a day to wonder, a day to make. Will I take it or evade it. That is a choice only I can make. T.L. Eastman Oct. 2011

Bobbing for life

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela Image from blog There are bound to be hills on the journey. Some paths are straight, clearly marked, and due to a happy accident, you happen to be wearing appropriate shoes for the terrain. Other trails are curvy, steep, confusing, and the fact you wore heels on a hike is a un-happy accident waiting to happen. The road is unpredictable and just when you think you might have things under control - you fall. As soon as you hit the ground, you can't help but think - " Why did I go this way?" - "How foolish for me to try this route." Without walking the path, there's no way we'd ever learn about scuffed knees, bruised hearts or scenic overlooks. Pain has a way of getting a message across that other sensations don't. It's like reaching across a hot stove, or touching a pan that blisters fingers to the touch -