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Showing posts from July 24, 2011

Cistern on the mountain

Entrance to Kirkridge from Columcille Megalith Park Cistern on the mountain, you reach so deep - past the clay and rubble to the fountain I seek. Your depths go further than my eyes could ever see. The digging to your source makes the mountain top green. This place that you come from is seated in the world below, with the hurry and bustle of the daily show. Without the well to reach it, the high place would not be. This thin place would be lost like the vapor of last night's dream. Cistern on the mountain, help me to see you everyday, in the streams and creeks that feed you - as you have fed me in this place. T.L. Eastman July 2011

There was a lot of writing at Kirkridge

Stone alter in center of Labyrinth connected to Kirkridge property. Journaling was a big activity for the circles of trust session last week at Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center. Somehow, I had two brand new journals waiting for me to use - in the trunk of my car. Some of those entries will end up here on this blog, but some I'm sure will stay safely tucked inside the pages of that newish red leather journal. Thanks for reading. I hope what you read here inspires you to pick up a pencil, or keyboard and write a little yourself - simply for the love of it. Peace, T PS. The meals and company were fantastic too!

Kirkridge awaits

Kirkridge Retreat and Learning Center is located in the hill (some say mountains) of Bangor PA. I will be heading there on Tuesday to attend a Circles of Trust Retreat to learn more about Parker Palmer's philosophy on living an "Undivided life". Here's the blurb explaining what this is all about: This retreat is for anyone seeking ways to live an undivided life, to live with wholeness. It is for those who care about their community, their planet, and are seeking a place for personal renewal. It is for those who are troubled by injustice and violence and are struggling with their own sense of powerlessness. It is for those who, in Parker Palmer’s phrase, are experiencing “the politics of broken-hearted,” facing the seeming divisiveness in our democracy, and looking for ways of responding that are creative and life-giving. Taking Heart Once More is a Circle of Trust® retreat where we can explore our own most profound questions at the heart of our many roles, includin