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Showing posts from February 26, 2012

A new green hat

Cozy, warm and colorful. Will you help to hold good ideas and thoughts close to my brain? Will your bright colors keep an optimistic perspective close? Will warm ears help me to listen more and speak less? Soft, thick and comforting. Can your woven strands help me keep it together? Can the fleece lining remind me to be more gentle? Can your depth remind me not to fall into shallow stuff? New, thrifty and courageous. Please help me be aware of the potential opportunities out there. Please keep me aware that money isn't the answer to everything. Please me to stand tall and proud on behalf of what really matters. New, striped, green, hat - it's amazing what you can find on a clearance rack if you look for it. T.L. Eastman "March 2012"

Friday Funny: Pittsburgh Dad

My family is from the "Burgh. Even though my parents moved from the area before I was born, some Pittsburgh-isms moved with us. When we'd go home to visit - the accent, speed and intensity of talking would amp up. I would come home from visits with a sprinkle of "Yins" and "Warsh" peppering my vocabulary - as well as increasing my talk speed by a 25% minimum! Earlier today I came across a Youtube page called "Pittsburgh Dad" - if you are from the "Burgh" - I'm sure you'll appreciate this series. For all my Aunts and Uncles these clips remind me of - thanks for the memories and don't forget to red up the room before your have company over! Yins best check it out - it's a keeper if you as me!

Family Friendly Faith Actions for Lent...

The first week of Lent is in full swing. Soda, chocolate and sweets are beginning to pile up!Lent and it's practices are something relatively new to me, as I did not grow up in a Liturgical minded church. When my classmates were excused to attend worship on Ash Wednesday - I recall thinking, "I love God, why can't I have a smudge on my forehead too!" In my search for practical applications and participation in this season, I came across a great article by Nadia Weber-Boltz . This article give a tour of acts of sacrifice and prayer practices for the Lenten season, but it's very much geared for adults. To visit Nadia's website click here: Nadia Bolz-Weber. (Thanks Nadia for helping to get the idea for this blog going!) What I was looking for were Lenten ideas that would work for families with children. It is my goal to find and list prayer practices for Lent that parents at my church would be able to do at home with their children! So, after reading Nadia&#

Personal Artist Page - Revealed!

"Revealed" Acrylic, Watercolor and Salt Painting 48"X12" For all the kind people that have asked me for prints, cards or access to my original paintings, the day has arrived! Go to my Personal Artist Profile with Fine Art America to view current art work that is for sale: Tara's Artist Profile.