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Showing posts from September 27, 2009

Say hello to our little friend

We met Aggie last Saturday when a local restaurant owner of Cooper's ,(Who's business helps to support the Humane Society by donating all their tips to the organization.) made sure to tell me there was a very sweet dog at our local chapter. At her request, we went to visit Aggie and I'm happy to tell that on Tuesday evening we brought her home with us. It's been an exciting few days of remembering dog commands, going for "rides" in the car, snuggling on the sofa in the evening while she snores and going for an early morning jog every day - all in all we are getting to know each other rather well. What is best, is I think the whole household is happy about the new addition: both human and canine. Welcome Agatha Christie Eastman, otherwise known as Aggie. She is a two-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle Mix who was a stray in Chautauqua County. She was brought to the Chautauqua County Humane Society and surrendered after she had a litter of pups. Happil