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Woosh Saturday flew by!

Saturday morning was filled with a meeting for Mr. E for work, Nigel and his friend visited Grandma's house, Heather was at a bonfire and sleep over the night before and I was up with the birds (not my usual Saturday habit.) to prepare and participate in my first 5k since last August. I had been invited to sing the Star Spangled Banner by some of the folks that hosted this 5k fundraiser for the Anew Center (an agency that aids people recovering from Domestic Violence). All the night before, I kept running the words and music over and over again the the song. It was to be sung acapella and at 9am in the morning. I grabbed the mic and did my best. The crowd was gracious and cheered me on. It was a nice run/walk and I met up with a previous co-worker; so I had company on the race. Man, is she a fast walker! It ended up being easier to jog than to walk at her pace, but I finished the race and managed to run a little over 1/2 of it. I kept reminding myself about the principal of

Sherman's pulse

Image found at Flicker. Sherman noel, what a story you tell - with dancing feet and eyes that weep, as deep as a well. Weary hearts will seek and find you. Looking for something to fill the space; of loneliness, of discontent, of wandering time and space. Sherman knows me well, and my face can tell- of the people I meet on that dreary street long as a swell. Rolling over and reaching out, arms embrace and wave about. A wake, a dance and comforts race to remember a gentle face. Sherman reminds me well; of the sadness and hell. That could be erased, never come to this place covered in love's deep swell. Rising up and flowing over, hearts connect and beat as one. Awake in sync and pounding in life's rhythm and breathing undone. Wrap your arms around me. Dance your feet too close. Lift my heavy spirit, with your presence, your patience and your pulse. Wrap your arms around me. Dance your feet too close. Push towards my grieving spirit, with your presence, your patience

This price is right for love

Community Project Series from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo . The story below is posted from the Jedidiah Community about a young man who selflessly gave away something of great value for the benefit of others. If you are inspired by Mark's story - go to the Jedidiah Community Project Series and cast your vote for his story and action of love. Price is Right Give Away by: Mark Weaver, Indianapolis, IN When I graduated from college I was inspired by my faith to explore the world and have some adventures while helping others. I went out to Colorado for a season of snowboarding with an organization called YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Then I lived in Cancun, Mexico for two months and rebuilt some playgrounds and schools that were destroyed by the hurricane. After that I did some skating and surfing ministry out in Huntington Beach, CA. While I was there I won the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right, back when Bob Barker was still hosting it. I won about $58,000 in prizes includ

Earth Day Music

This coming Tuesday, I will be performing at my local Hot Topic store to promote my Cd , "Have some love and hope and let it show" . If you are in the area on Earth Day, the music starts at 7pm. Be green!

Sleeping with bread: Progress

Image from Track pants. Check Comfy t-shirt. Check Running socks - very important - Check. Warm as toast hoodie. Check Faithful Green Windbreaker. Check Mis-matched gloves. Check. Asics Gel 1120 with insoles. Check. Ipod. Check. Headphones. Nope. Darn. Progress is sometimes reflected in our willingness to hang in there, even when we don't feel 100% prepared. Progress is carrying through with the action, even when the conditions are not always ideal. Progress is going for the first outdoor jog of the season, in 40 degree weather (ugh!), warming up with a walking lap, and running the next 20 minutes without having to walk, catching your breath for a few minutes, and being able to run the next entire long lap till the end of the run. Wow. Last Spring when I started this effort to get moving I could only run 2 minutes and walk 1 and run 2 minutes and walk one; over and over again for 30 minutes. Progress is good. Progress, even in this small way, knowing that I'

Decemberists mood music

I was more familiar with the song O Valencia - but this is good as well. Have you heard of the Decemberists before?