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Women left for dead - article repost

This gritty but inspiring article of an single obgyn's efforts to restore hope and healing to victimized women and children of the Congo. It will open your eyes to their great social, medical and counseling needs - and make you want to take action to help. To read this article, click on "Women left for dead" . Warning: this article contains some discussion and topics that may be upsetting. How you can help! The women of Eastern Congo, V-Day and UNICEF—the latter acting on behalf of United Nations Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict—are launching a new campaign to urge an end to the femicide and raise money for women’s groups in the Congo. You can… * Write a letter addressed to His Excellency, the President of the Democrat... Read Moreic Republic of the Congo, Joseph Kabila Kabange; demand that he take action to stop the attacks on women. Send it to U.N. Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict, P.O. Box 3862, New York, NY 10163, and it will be delivere

The voice of Adonai and wading pools

The voice of Adonai is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, Adonai thunders over the rushing waters. Children play in aqua pools of sunlight, catching the gleam of pink and purple ruffles. Twirling in waves made by marco polo and freeze tag. Watching their joyful abandon on a summer afternoon brings me back to center. I return to my own moments of splashing, shimmering and glimmering in water and sun. Dancing and rejoicing in my turtle wading pool, singing songs of wonder and harmony with Adonai - my loving Adonai. TLE 2008

Samaritan is almost home

Photo: Desert Rose This last weekend, my friend James Reed and I had the time to wrap up recording the final touches on our upcoming Cd demo - "Samaritan". We started the recording project much earlier this spring and are so excited to have this stage of making a cd complete. All the songs on the CD ( You turned on the light, Blind, Brothers and Sisters dance, See-breathe-exhale-sing, Come to the water and Silver Moon) are original recordings that came out of a personal time of renewed interest and hope in creating, writing and performing music throughout the spring and summer of 2007. Thanks to you all that encouraged me to get back to creating music - I feel as if a part of me that was asleep has woken up with much to say and share. Thanks to my family ( Ian , Heather and Nigel) for not minding having "Pizza again" for dinner when I was working on creative projects - this would not have been possible without your help and love. Thanks to my drummer and friend