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Showing posts from September 22, 2013

We move lightly

A prayerful response to Abby of the Arts blog and  Dustin O'Halloran's 'We move lightly' Waking, opening to the light that heals, clarifies and removes the fog. That cloud of worry, weight, and fear flakes off like dry skin. What remains is a heart, a little more open, a mind a little less fuzzy and an openness to breathe a bit freer. Why do I wander like I'm in a desert when Your Oasis is always within reach? T.L. Eastman/ September 2013

When Aggie-dog goes "boom"!

I have a toddler friend named Sailor who spends a good amount of time at my home on a regular basis. She has gotten the hang of navigating our wandering back steps with a little hand-holding help, she has no problem cuddling up on the sofa for nap time, and enjoys pointing at our 40-pound-beagle-cattle-dog and shouting with glee, "Aggie-Dog!". Sometimes we set up a gate to keep her in a play space of the living room and that usually works out just fine; but yesterday "Aggie-dog" decided to mix up the afternoon activity just for kicks. Sailor was happily playing with her baby, "Beba" when I came home and let Aggie-dog out for a bathroom break and dinner. Aggie was so happy that she began running and jumping throughout the downstairs. She was even so clever to effortlessly leap over the living room gate like a hurdle in a race. As the dog was leaping from side to side, Sailor would laugh uncontrollably and shout "Aggie-Dog", louder and loud