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Showing posts from August 31, 2008

My life is a rollercoaster

and the sooner I learn that twists and turns are supposed to be a part of the experience, I might enjoy it a little more! I'm beginning to get there. I think. My life for the last month or so has been one that has consisted of living with a never departing invisible question mark above my head. I've been asked how I'm doing with not being currently employed and for the most part I'm hanging in here OK. Part of me honestly has become strangely comforted by the company of the vocational question mark. I even mentioned to my husband the other day, "I'm not sure what I'm going to do once I find a new job and my professional question mark is gone!" All this uncertainty, pondering, and soul searching has actually gotten me to begin to wonder if in reality the question mark of life ever really goes away. When life is full of jobs, clubs and organizations that we've grow used to, I've often thought that my life is figured out, settled and my pat