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Showing posts from December 2, 2018

Can a poem save a life?

It may sound dramatic for one to say a poem can save a life. But, for me, I believe it to be true, because... In the aftermath of grief, a poem was there. In the celebration of new life, a poem was there. In the mists of confusion, a poem was there. In the waves of wonder, a poem was there. The lines might not have rhymed, but seldom a good poem does. Nevertheless, the poems held up a light to my darkness, gave me strength for what could be, and gave me room to dance - when no dancing was allowed. So welcome the drama, embrace the muse, put on those dancing shoes... this is poetry after all. Can a poem save a life? I'm writing. I'm breathing. I'm dreaming. A poem saved my life. Copyright December 2018 T.L. Eastman

A Poem for Advent into Christmas: Love stuck

The greatest of the four weeks of Advent into Christmas is here: love. With all the hope waking, peace-making and joy breaking, We need the glue of love to make this stick. Please stick. More than paper on packages with packing tape, But something that goes beyond the surface of things  And fills the darkest corners of us with lasting love. I don't want these gifts of hope, peace, joy and love to disappear like grandma's frosted sugar cookies. But if they had to be consumed, hope, peace, joy and love would empower us to live out actions …like the making of many snow angels; when we abandon everything else  and surrender to love that stays. Please stay love,  I don't want you to melt like snow drifts above 35 degrees.... be crumpled like old gift wrapping... or abandoned on the curb like a used Christmas tree. Christ’s light has grown. Five candles are lit. Illuminating  our way with hope, peace, joy and the greatest: Love. One candle for hope. Two

Poem for Advent: Week Three: JOY: just, outrageous, you

Just, Outrageous. You! Joy is no wallflower. She, yes she, is bold , sassy and a somewhat fearsome. Joy bursts into the room and won't stop grooving', till everyone is on the dance floor. Her name is short, but her actions are memorable; causing laughter to tears in only the best way. Joy is unstoppable. You can't ignore her and you must respect her. She is just. She is outrageous. She has one candle for each letter of her name. Joy will break through all barriers and bring her colorful wonder to you, and you, and you, and you, and Y O U... just, outrageous, you. JOY Copyright December 2018 Tara Lamont Eastman

A Poem for Advent, Week Two: Peace call

Peace calls to... pause, embrace, act, contemplate, and exhale. Pause. Storms make me feel like running and hiding, when I'm frantic, can peace be present? Peace. Embrace. In conflicts and hurt that push people apart, is peace working to break the ice? Peace. Act. When anxiety freezes me in inaction, does peace give a warm nudge to move? Peace. Contemplate. When swirls of activity tempt me to do, be and see all things at once... will peace slow me down to savor each  beautiful      thing? Peace. Exhale. Filling of lungs can only be sweet, when exhale helps me let go of what is not longer of use. Will peace help me to release and fill my heart, mind, and lungs? Peace. Peace calls to...pause fear. Peace calls to...embrace a need for people. Peace calls to... act in life-giving ways. Peace calls to... contemplate beauty. Peace calls to... exhale  and trust the oxygen to keep breathing