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Whole hearted surrender

So here's the thing. According to "researching storyteller" Brene Brown (Visit her webpage at: - vulnerability is an important key to living our lives in the place of wholeheartedness. This evening I took twenty minutes to watch her TED presentation. One: she is so engaging that the talk seemed to fly by. Two: The more I listened, the more my heart pounded a little harder - like the words were making something deep inside me sit up and take notice. Three: the topics of vulnerability and worth are very connected, but often very hard to dig deep and wrestle with. Four: I think I have some wrestling ahead of me. Five: The struggle for perfection, is a trap that I sometimes get caught in. Here is Brene's TED talk. Make a cup of tea or coffee and really sit down and listen. I think you're heart may sit up and heed her challenge too! This graphic is a part of her program to challenge folks to live wholeheartedly. I love the way it's prese