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Sleeping with bread Monday, erm... Friday.

Its Friday and you can guess the kind of week it's been if I'm writing my Monday post on Friday. In the last month there have been some great changes and shifting in my vocational life and it makes me realize how much my vocation had to do with my life overall. Letting go and holding on: The month of July seems to be a month of great letting go. I've experienced the death of my family dog, the passing of one of my dearest spiritual mentors - Grace Connors, and the ending of my time of ministry with Westminster Presbyterian Church due to economic reasons. Sometimes we have the choice to let go of people, work or things. This time has been composed mostly of things passing away with little choice from me. Pets get ill, elderly people reach their physical limits, and budgets - well they run out of funds. In these cases - there is not much choice I have except in how I choose to react to the massive change around me. I've started to grasp the idea of how to cope with all th

Ch- ch- Changes!

This blog is a creative conversation between David Bowie's lyrics in his song "Changes" and me. I imagined what I'd say if we sat down over coffee and the topic if change. You're here and I didn't expect you quite so soon. Give me a minute please. Still don't know what I was waiting for And my time was running wild A million dead-end streets and Every time I thought Id got it made It seemed the taste was not so sweet So I turned myself to face me But Ive never caught a glimpse Of how the others must see the faker Im much too fast to take that test The test is how I react to your presence with and around me. Do I freeze in fear or do I quickly turn my feet and land ready to meet the unfamiliar ground beneath. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strain) Ch-ch-changes Dont want to be a richer man Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strain) Ch-ch-changes Just gonna have to be a different man Time may change me But I cant trace time. Strain and change pus