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Tribal tales with Parish Collective at Inhabit 2012

"It is important to tell good stories. You can tell stories even if they are not huge, epic, and wonderful. You can still take the responsibility for being a scribe of your tribe."   Ajay Naidu In less than a week I will be spending some time with the amazing tribe that is Inhabit , a meeting place for souls looking for practical and applicable ways of following God by  and with our practice,  presence, and the place we abide. To learn more about Inhabit check out Parish Collective's website here: T his tribe is one that has some scribe worthy stories to tell. More to share soon...

Steep a little longer

I've been a tea drinker for quite a while now. But I think my strong connection with a good cup of strong tea came when my brother came home from college with a box of tea called "Earl Grey". When I smelled the fragrant tea brewing, I first thought it smelled like "Fruit Loops" Cereal. I was drawn to the sweet smell of the tea, sat down to conversation with my older brother - who I'd been missing, and became attached to a spot of tea whenever I needed a reminder of sweetness and comfort in life. Sitting down to a cup of tea is a time for refreshment and rest that has become something of a habit. Since my brother introduced me to a tea beyond Lipton all those years ago, I've acquired a taste for many different kinds of tea: black tea, herbal tea, Oolong tea, and a recent find - Darjeeling. As I opened a new box of tea recently, I noticed the very specific directions on how to brew this tasty blend. 1. Pour boiling water (as pure as possible) over