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Scrabble cup cakes and Seminary

Image found @: The Cupcake Blog Someday,  when I graduate from Seminary I want to  celebrate with "Scrabble" cup cakes. Because, the only way I'll make it to graduation day  is one letter, word and sentence at a time. Earlier this week, I applied to the "Castle" Wartburg Seminary's: TEEM program  (Theological Education for Emerging Ministries). Lot's of work had already gone into getting to this point. (Three years of essays, prayer, interviews, and more have gone into this discernment process that is called " ELCA Candidacy" .) Good thoughts, prayers, and maybe a Scrabble game or two are welcome as I wait to hear if I start classes in September. One letter, word and sentence at a time. Seminary? Yes. Seminary. It feels good to share this word with you. :)

Don't graduate from kindergarten

Image found at Coupon Phenomenon September has arrived, Labor Day is only days away, college students are already taking classes, and local schools doors are going to open Tuesday morning. Student's are excited and maybe a little nervous about going back to or going to school for the first time. New back packs are filled with not yet used pens, pencils and notebooks. Shiny sneakers wait by the door to take squeaky steps into a school year filled with new rules, lessons and opportunities to grow. The call back to structure and schedule isn't just for students, but for everyone.  I have to admit, that as much as I like to resist structure at times; that it does help me to find a greater sense of balance. My days have a more defined beginning, middle and end once fall returns. Once the basics are in place, my life is more balanced.  Robert Fulghum, author and speaker is a person that thinks the "basics" of life are all one needs to thrive. Robert Fulgh

1000 moments to celebrate!

A moment, a love, a dream, aloud A kiss, a cry, our rights, ours wrongs won't stop till its over...   (Music, lyrics and video to Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap .) 32, 243 Views. Reorganized on 1/20/09. Thoughtful comments for three years. I wish I could count the number of words that have been posted here at Uphill Idealist. Today, though I can celebrate the 1000 moments that are represented by the 1000 posts at this corner of the web. But, m ore than counting posts or words, I hope the words, ideas, and art posted here have made a difference - for good's sake. Thank you to followers, readers and friends like Ian ,  Pam , Mary Lue and Mel that have walked alongside this idealist that keeps on trekking up all those hills. Thank you to those who have shared the... moments, love, dreams,  kisses, cries, rights, wrongs of this wandering, wondering and hopeful  Uphill Idealist.  I am hopeful. Don't worry - 1000 posts does not mean this is over

Rooted and growing with Parish Collective

Rooted & Linked from Parish Collective on Vimeo . My new friend Paul Sparks , who I met at Inhabit Conference this Spring, is going to be hitting the road and heading to the East coast to share about his ongoing work with Parish Collective . He hopes to meet with local leaders of non-profits, churches, and community organizations to develop networks to respond to the needs of grass roots communities. Late in September, we hope to host Paul at First Lutheran Church , in order to make daring steps into mission in the mist of our local neighborhoods. If you live in the Buffalo to Chautauqua area, please leave a comment if you would like to take part in this network. Grace and peace,  Tara