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Sleeping with bread: World Vision

Painting by Chautauqua County Artist : Nathan Long Last week I missed my Monday post of Sleeping with bread due to helping out over the weekend with the, World Vision AIDS exhibit . I had the opportunity (as well as hundreds of other volunteers), to help educate our local community on the effects and pandemic of AIDS on the continent of Africa as well as become partners in assisting those people most effected by AIDS and HIV in the world today. I learned that 2/3 of the people in world effected by aids live in a very small geographic area within the continent of Africa. There are many reasons for this, but it was most distressing to learn that if access to clean water, nutrition from food and basic medical care were available, many people would not be so susceptible to AIDS. The first time I went through the exhibit, I honestly was overwhelmed by the enormous number of people living with AIDS without the benefits we have in this country. Rarely if ever do I worry if I have acces

Sleeping with Bread

Letting go of... people who discourage and divide me from hope, joy, peace, love... etc. things that keep me off balance, teetering on the edge, and pushing me to run with all engines "GO!" Holding on to... people who lovingly speak the truth and inspire me to keep keeping on in spiritual and personal growth. things that make sense to me and bring something more than clutter in my life. This following passage from Psalms captures the ever transitional place my life seems to be. Looking to God for wisdom and direction, while trying to take new steps in upcoming adventures. Letting go of the old shadows that distract from a greater purpose and opportunity for growth and development. Holding on to love and grace in the midst of great change and asking God to fill my life with more relationships that challenge me to continue becoming more of the human I'm to be. Psalm 25 - Of David. 1[a] To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul; 2 in you I trust, O my God. Do

Button for my new CD

My Cd Have Some Love & Hope & Let It Show, is available now. It consists of 6 songs in my own alternative folk style. I'm backed up by James Reed on drums and Dave Trusso on bass. It is available at Labyrinth Press Company, 12 E 4th St. in Jamestown and upcoming shows I will be playing in the Warren/Jamestown area. You can also purchase it online by clicking the PayPal link to make your purchase. It's $8 plus $2 for shipping and handling. Available in the USA only. Tara's Paypal The paypal button is in the right side column of this blog - thanks for your support! Tara