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Thank you

This morning, my Dad had valve replacement and bypass surgery. He is doing well all considered and was alert and awake when we left the hospital this evening. It's been a very long day of beeping machines, tissue boxes, prayer and family bonding. Please continue to pray for Gary (Dad), Nancy (Mom), Garret (brother, Heather (daughter and I as we walk through these next few days together. Your support and love mean the world to us all... T

Boat-rocker Joe

So once upon a time, there was this kid who thought nothing they did was right, mattered or did anything but cause problems. This kid was sometimes called a boat rocker. It's not like this kid, we'll call him Joe, ran the streets or anything. It's just that 'Joe' always had a question, thought about things in ways others didn't, and had a hard time with algebra. These differences were just enough to place Joe in that space of being, or thinking he was an outsider. There was a time in Joe's family that was really difficult. His sister had died after a long illness and had left the family numb and grieving. His sister was a great person. She was always kind, never a challenge and even though she had trouble with math too - she was so genuinely good, most people never noticed. Months had passed after his sister's death, and Joe came to the point in his grief that he wondered why he, the boat-rocker, had not been the one to be taken. Since his sister'