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Sunday is coming

I'm looking forward to being installed at 1st Lutheran this upcoming Sunday. Even in things I look forward too, I often have strange dreams about them. Here's the last one: I was trying to get ready for church that morning and had picked out my clothes ahead of time. For some reason I was getting a shower at the church, and there were other people waiting in line for the shower with me( like at the YMCA - you know). When it was my turn I laid my clothes on the bench and went to get my shower. When I came out of the shower area the lady who was behind me had spilled orange juice in my silk top I'd planned on wearing. I insisted I'd take care of it, but she then continued to cut the sections of material that had O.J. on them out of the shirt. I kept asking her to stop, but she wouldn't and then reached in her locker for a cream colored and embroidered top for me to wear instead. I looked at the shirt and its size tag and she handed it to me and she said, "Here t

India snow storm

Laundry done. Christmas tree and decorations packed away. Hoovering downstairs complete. Clothes in bedroom put away. Utility room tidiest its been in months. Sidewalk shoveled. Groceries bought. Bathroom clean. Purse organized. What a snow day! Sadly, no Indian food consumed. One foot of snow = no road trip for ethnic birthday food, but a good step towards a more zen home. I'll take that, for now.

If life gives you lemons - make blog lemonaid!

Sheri awarded me a Lemonaid blog award. I guess this means I'm good at making sour things sweet! Thanks Sheri... ONCE YOU'VE BEEN AWARDED, THE RULES ARE: 1. Thank the person who was so thoughtful for giving you this award by linking their blog to this post. 2. Put the logo on your blog or post. 3. Nominate 10 blogs which show great attitude/gratitude. 4. Link your nominee to your post 5. Comment them to tell them about the award they've won. I nominate these 10 FANTASTIC people for their great blogs: Elizabeth Mel Mary Lue Dr. Alex Lance and Brad Lisa Lilly Magpie girl Sarah Louise Terry

Just a little color change

The fact of the matter is, I love to play with hair color. I'm a brunette, but even this summer I took the risk of going rather blond (for me). Here's a pic of me this summer: So now that we are back to winter, I've gone by to my 'natural' color - or as close as I can with the help of Loreal Feria color. Change, change and more change. What do you think?

20 random things about me

Image found at University of Bristol Sarah Louise tagged me yesterday for a new 20 random things meme so here's my go at interesting randomness. 1. When I was a kid, classmates used to tease me by trying to come up with some nice and nasty nicknames for my somewhat unique name - Tara. Unique for growing up in western Pa anyhow. I was called "A rat" ( my name backwards), Tigger (by my Dad for my 24- 7 energy) and "Tara the terrible" (can't remember who started that one). It's weird that recently at my new office, my co-workers have started calling me "Tara the terrible"too. At first I thought of telling them of the not so great association, but I had a second thought. They call me "T the terrible" out of liking me, not for anything else. So with no connection to the origin, I am again "Tara the terrible." :) 2. Sometimes buying a new eyeshadow or lip gloss is all I need to cheer up. 3. I am a sucker for babies and dogs

Far away home

I stumbled across this video for Mars Hill Graduate School and I don't have words to express the myriad of feelings that washed over me. The few student stories that I heard seemed so familiar - like part of what they are expressing are bits of my story as well. How can a school so geographically far away seem so much like home? That is the mystery. Let me know if you have any suggestions in solving this mystery.

They say its your birthday

Indeed it is! I've had a great day with family and friends remembering my special day. My daughter and friends came over after school today with a cupcake and ice cream for a surprise, many friends sent well wishes via email or facebook, later we met up with my husband and son and went out for half-price munchies birthday dinner complete with the waitstaff singing... " I don't know, but I've been told...someone here is getting old.' Mostly though, I don't feel older on my birthday. I just feel loved! Thanks everyone, I had a great time!

SWB: The Land of Counterpane

Image from of the book cover, 'Sleeping with bread: holding what gives you life.' This poem by Robert Louis Stevenson is one that I remember from my childhood. My Mom used to almost recite it to my sister and I if we were home and sick in bed. I make a stronger connection to this poem and my sister as she struggled with a heart problem all of her life. This poem holds a balance of the comfort of quilts, over-stuffed pillows, and covers filled with favorite toys without shying from the fact that the child is in the bed because she is ill. I mention this poem on Sleeping with bread Monday as I think it holds in beautiful balance the comfort and discomfort that are present in life. It is an example of the bitter-sweetness of life. The Land of Counterpane When I was sick and lay a-bed, I had two pillows at my head, And all my toys beside me lay, To keep me happy all the day. And sometimes for an hour or so I watched my leaden soldiers go, With different unifor

Quote for change

Picture from Photography and Transformation I came across a quote today in Tamara Dull's blog that really captured some of what I've been feeling 2009 holds. It is a quote by the well known writer Ralph Waldo Emerson - "This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we know what to do with it." The question in change or challenge is greatly what to do in the face of it. Earlier in 2008 I came to a sudden cease of employment and was pushed to made some changes and work to adapt to my circumstances. I made new discoveries in my own abilities and learned of new career opportunities, that on the other side of the crisis, I'm now very thankful for. As I think of this new year and some the goals I'd like to accomplish in it, I may have to better learn how to ask for help in order to reach some of those goals. For me, knowing the value of a moment and attaining its full worth, it's sometimes necessary for the wise counsel of others perspective to get