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Stellaluna the bat needs a big sky to fly in...

Image found at Wild Life Command Center It was a warm and dark Wednesday night. A friend from home stopped into town to visit me and to see the churches that I'm serving in the Ken-Ton neighborhood. She was excited to see my name on the sign and take in the worship space. So we stopped in to one of the buildings for a tour. As I showed her around the altar area I told her about how amazing it is to be able to serve communion now. In my excitement I laid my flash-light app engaged cell phone down, held my hands in the air to represent my imaginary "bread" and started to say the words on institution. "On the night Jesus was betrayed, he took the bread broke it and said, "This is my body broken for you..." In my friend's delight she shouted, "Oh do that again I want to take a photo!" I obliged and as I held my hands up I felt a "WOOSH!" of air by my arms and head. Was it a gust of wind? Was it a moth? Um. NO. It was

Friend for the journey - For Jenn

Carpooling, chaos and hard-headed spark. Friends that are family, is us from the start. Meals and museums and pages from old books, these are just a few steps that we already took.    Goliaths we've wrestled and they've made their mark, but this way that we walk-wobble-walk encompasses our whole human heart.  Many cups of dark coffee and sharing a tune have been our mantra, our method our rune. The melody that greets us is one I can't hear too soon. Gospel and grace give us hope for the days set before us. Laughter and space call us to stay close. For this piece in the road  and the life that you've given - what a treasure, my friend, you are and always have been. For Jenn Swift Copyright 2015 T.L.Eastman

Three things you need to know about me

There are a few things you should probably know about me. 1. It is necessary for me to be creative. 2. Relationships born and fostered in community are my life-blood. 3. Serving God in the Church is my long-standing vocation. Image found at: 1. Creativity "31 he (God) has filled him with divine spirit,[a] with skill, intelligence, and knowledge in every kind of craft," Exodus 35:31 Perhaps it's because I grew up in a rural community in North Western Pennsylvania where I had time and space to play or the fact that my family valued music, art and reading; but I love to create. While some folks may designate a specific hobby or art medium they prefer to work with; I love to choose from a varied array of subjects to engage in creative process. From cooking to painting or singing to writing; creating beautiful things to taste, touch and view is a hobby and focus that gives my life, well, life. Part of what I feel God has called me to is using my cr