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Exhale, inhale

Image from Exhale all the worry, the doubt and fear, Inhale peace, being present and things that help us draw near. Exhale frustrations over triangulated tones, Inhale respect for who we are to become known. Exhale to let go of all that burdens your life, Inhale what lifts up and makes you feel light. Exhale expectations that no one expects, Inhale inspiration that make better best. Exhale whatever seems to block the way to inhaling the goodness at the break of each day. T.L. Eastman November 2011

Little toes make a big difference

Image from Sunday morning blog. Two weeks ago now I injured my right little toe. In a morning rush, I ran up my stairs and spot on kicked the base of the exercise bike with my right foot. It was quickly clear by my tears and yelp that I had done some damage to my toes, but not wanting to make a big fuss over "little toes", they were buddy taped and I was on my way. Over a few day there was growing annoyance with the whole development. I could not run each morning, as is my routine, due to the throbbing in my foot. Each morning I'd put my foot on the floor and hobble about clumsily as my canine jogging buddy looked at me in confusion. She was not happy with the development either! A week and a half in - it was not feeling better so I decided to give my chiropractor a call. Chiropractor? You see, in the past my chiropractor has been able to work on other joint issues I'd had. I had confidence that he could fill me in on at least how long this healing process was g

Eyes to see

Image from Rivercity Church page. Mark 8:18 Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don't you remember? On Thursday, I had the unique opportunity of being able to visit with a large number of high school students. Over the last ten years, I've been a part of an ecumenical team that helps to organize, encourage and assist a high-school level campus fellowship. Earlier this week, I had been invited to come back for a "Club Day" and promote the Campus Fellowship Club. From 10:30 to 3:00, I witnessed a visual and auditory feast of diversity and variety. The appearance of all the students was as varied as the rainbow of colors on a painters palette. As you might expect, specific social groups became obvious throughout the day - but what I think I was most impressed with was how different each person was from the other but how they all wanted to make a connection with someone else. Each one of us is unique, but we as humans like to be a part


Image from Nontoxic reviews. Just when you thought all the energy was sapped. Just when you think it's all in the past. Just when you want what you had back then... a spark is charged and a new fire begins. Wondering how it changes will only cause you to scratch your head. Be thankful for the spark that helped you and me start again. T.L. Eastman Nov. 2011

Yesvember to remember with gratefulness

Image November by Giovanni Pascoli found at blog Able Muse. Some folk don't shave for the month of November. Some try to focus on saying "Yes!" to life instead of "No!" for the whole month. Others, being that Thanksgiving is a part of the month, focus on gratefulness for the month. I've been in need of a November blogging muse, so I've decided to work in the vein of thankfulness and gratefulness. I need to do some upward, thankful, joyful musing. Would you like to join me? So, thinking in this frame of mind, I'm thankful to have the space and time here at this blog, as well as those who pop by for a visit, and comment too! Thanks to those who read, write, comment and take part in this month of gratitude. PS. By the way, I won't be giving up shaving. Gentlemen, have fun with that one!