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Except I be moved with compassion

There is a song I learned several years ago, when I used to serve with the Salvation Army that was called, "Except I be moved with compassion." The chorus of the song went like this, "Except I am moved with compassion, how dwelleth thy Spirit in me? In word and in deed burning love is my need; I know I can find this in thee." This song was sung as a call to give our lives for the benefit and blessing of others in this world. Compassion can help us to choose to serve God with our gifts and abilities. Compassion is an active thing. It is something that can be done as we stop to listen, take time to hear and take action to serve others. Compassion is also something that we really have to receive to truly understand and replicate in the lives of others. Webster's definition of "Compassion" as : sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it . As I think back to the many times I have experienced compassion, I'm