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Showing posts from December 3, 2006

Most alive/ least alive

What makes me feel most alive: One hour and counting to load in... The soda, water, chips and ice are packed into the back of my overloaded Buick. The venue is putting our info up on the marque as I type. ( Gosh - I have a marque!) I'm waiting for the all relaxing call from the bands letting me know if they made it across the border. I'm so excited for the possibilities and opportunity of this evening. Thank you all who have helped in any way: carrrying chairs, selling soda, posted flyers and all that it takes to put a show together. Cheers - Here's to pre- show butterflies! May all that attend this evening be aware of God's generious, loving and caring spirit. We would all be out in the cold without him. Post Show: There are connections that only God can trace into our lives if we give Him the space and time to finish the dot - to - dot puzzle. Our dear friend James - came from the TV station and shot footage for the evening local news, our friend Brad came