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Ian and Nigel are making movies

This video skit was a project that my husband Ian and son Nigel worked on last week as an entry for an upcoming contest - Please stop by Youtube and show your support if you like it! "This is my 11 year old son's entry for the Ghoulardifest 2008 Skit Contest. His grandma and I helped him Nigel & I are heading out to Ghoulardifest in Ohio next weekend. It's an event that celebrates cheesy old sci-fi movies from the 50s and 60s, old TV personalities, and pop culture. They're having a skit contest in the "style of Big Chuck and Lil John." This is our entry. We were assisted by my mom, making her acting debut, when it became obvious that all other family members were deliberately avoiding us."


Where are the things that make me want to care, for something more than stuff to get and stuff to wear. The model of better life does not mean designer life, designer cars and designer jeans. Cars they rust and jeans wear thin - when they are gone what will I begin with again. Wonder and beauty are all around us you see, under our noses and feet and not what they try to sell you on TV. Think of the days before you had all you have, are you amazed by the contentment in hand? Stuff in itself can be shiny new and pretty, but what happens when its no longer on display as something you'd fancy. How much is enough? Can we every really tell? When tripping through the hallway on something you really ought to sell. Sell for the space and the room to breathe. Sell for some food for someone in need. Sell for the sake if breaking free, from the things we think are important - and in the end they aren't. Only then can we see.

Consider another perspective

In light of much of the inappropriate commentary on the racial background, the manipulation of facts and other frustrating and nasty elements of the presidential campaign - take a moment and consider that there may be another point of view: a well thought out, educated and ethically sound reason for voting or at least considering the option of voting for Barack Obama on November 4th. Visit the Matthew 25 network's website to get some logical perspective on this upcoming election. Peace, Tara

Spiritual type quiz - go head you know you want to take it.

Here are my results - What do you think? Accurate or no? To get your results - click here: Spiritual types test You are a Lover, a feeling type, whose spirituality comes primarily from the heart or emotions. You value freedom, independence, and spontaneity. Along with your gift of enthusiasm, you show us how to have fun and appreciate beauty. More than any other type, you know how to experience joy. This puts you in a unique position to experience God in the moment, to revel in what is happening around you, and to be in the present tense. To Lovers, God is a nurturing parent. Prayer for you is often extemporaneous, speaking to God about what is on your heart at the moment. Music moves you deeply; so does heartfelt preaching and worship. You believe that real faith must be shared. Consequently, many Lovers are interested in missions or in spreading the Gospel through the media. You are passionate about holy living. On the other hand, a Lover's impulsive behavior can get you in

Late with the bread - time to suenllo

Somehow, someway I'll begin to figure out my new schedule and pattern of life so the Monday bread isn't Tuesday or Wednesday before it's done baking, but there was so much in the last two days that I might have failed to mention had I not been delayed in the bread delivery. John Kozal's (public education reformer from 1960's to present) lecture at the University of Buffalo on Friday reminded me of the importance of fostering beauty and aesthetics in the world. Especially in the world of children who rarely experience it. In an educational system that often teaches to the test, many children are losing or have long ago lost the opportunities to expand their current horizons with access and experience with art, music, and theater. I'm all at once burdened with the overwhelming need of children in our country for positive creative outlets and spurred on to personally continue to be a supporter of the arts in my local schools and community by expressing their n