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20 minutes to shine

Image found at "20 minutes to shine. What a promise. What a hope. While chemist-like trappings give the impression of control and order. There are cocktails, concoctions, and vials that speak volumes to potential. I admit to loving this promise. Wanting the contents of this bottle to do its best work - to draw all the vibrancy, lusture and gleam to the surface. I admit to this desire to be illuminated, but somehow I think the illumination needed runs much deeper than this crown. This light, hope, and glimmer needs to soak deep into the depths of my heart, to the cobweb coated corners of my mind, and make some space in spare room of my soul. Real light to take up residence here... in 20 minutes or less, of course. Is that too much for me to ask?" T.L. Eastman January 2012

Waiting for the Kings and saving a pickle

(Image found at ) Today marks the tenth day of Christmas. (Go ahead, I know you want to sing "Ten lords a leaping!") I know that many folks have all now headed back to regular work and school schedules ( including me), but I'm still holding on the the Christmas spirit - and I'm working to do that in the many days to come in 2012. Angels are still singing "Gloria!" - are you? After reading my blog post yesterday about my melancholy mood in the wake of Christmas season winding down, my friend Deb told me about a yearly tradition she has to help her hold on to Christmas. She chooses a ornament from her Christmas tree that she will keep out and display in her kitchen to help her remember the joy, love, beauty and message of the holiday season. This year I also learned about the tradition of the "Christmas Pickle Ornament" from some of the teens in the youth group I work with. Apparently, some folks hide a pickle shaped ornament

Epiphany reframes it

Cartoon from blog " Of course i could be all wrong" e·piph·a·ny   [ih-pif-uh-nee] noun, plural -nies. 1. (Initial capital letter ) a Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi; Twelfth-day. Epiphany is on it way. In addition to being the cap on the Advent season and 12 days of Christmas, it also happens to be my birthday. Normally, I love the fact that my birthday is connected to this time of celebration - but this year I already find myself a little melancholy over the fact that the big wrap up is on it's way. It's been a great Advent and Christmas season so far. Both my husband and I work in youth ministry and we've spent many days during Advent working with youth on service projects in order to help them to give back. We've make Christmas cards, delivered them to a nursing home, visited a youth home, helped sort and organize gifts for kids and families and as Christm

New beginnings

It's a new season to start something. There are lots of choices, but if you like to blog you may want to join in with NaBloPoMo on the challenge and fun of daily blogging. Go to NaBloPoMo and sign up for January's round of writing and interaction. It's a brand new year. I'll need to intentionally practice writing 2012 for about a month before the change will sink in for the next 11. It a day to think about what was and what could be. If only "beginning" is the frame I use to place the next 365 days in. Each morning is new. Each moment is unique. Each day, hour and second holds the space to dream - to hope and to begin again. It is a new beginning I need to inhale into my whole being and exhale into a world full of possibility. Inhale, exhale, repeat. Image from