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Art for a Friday:Tequila?

I'm not usually the kind of person that likes flowery paintings, but I really like this painting by Jillian David called "Agave". Below is some background on the painting from , where this painting or a print of it can be purchased. I love the green, yellow and pops of purple and red in this painting as well as how the plant seems to reach out towards the viewer. What do you think? Do you have a favorite plant painting? "The embodiment of strength and endurance, a desert plant displays its weathered beauty and grace in Jillian David’s “Agave.” A succulent plant native to Mexico, the Southwestern United States and South America, the agave resembles a cactus, but actually belongs to the lily family. The agave grows slowly and blooms only once before dying. Its spectacular flower is on a stalk weighing several pounds. The entire plant has a myriad of uses: its flower is edible, the stalk can be roasted and eaten, its syrup is used as a sugar alternative and, po

Singing, eating and being good neighbors in the rain

The tail gate party was a go even in the misty rain and we had a great time hanging out with the students and neighbors that pass our Church building every day. Here are some photos from the day... Chris Bell singing and performing. Senior High students taking in the music. Sno-cones were slurped. Brain freeze afflicted many. The hot dogs were happily eaten. Favor cups were given to over 100 students. We had a chance to talk with everyone... and I think we made some new friends too! Thank you to all the volunteers who set up, served food and tore down. Thanks to Cable 8 News for coming and doing a story on the event. Most of all, thanks to G-d for help in bringing all the details together! Take a minute and stop by First Lutheran Church of Jamestown's website to learn what else we have to offer!

One step forward, two steps way back

Things aren't jiving so well today. Sent a confirmation email yesterday for a major part of the tail gate, and this major aspect may be backing out. Makes me want a yes to yes and a no, please to be no - not maybe. Ugh. Trying for a plan b, and found out the weather forecast is 50% rain for Thursday at this point. Music, maybe. Rain, probably - which makes live performance most likely a big fat NO. But on the bright side, I do have a canopy tarp secured for the event. One more step forward.... hopefully no more back. Sigh.

Queens of Awesome and Adorable

I know, I know. You're thinking, how warm and fuzzy and girly can I get? Well, apparently I've been caught being awesome and adorable and have received and few blog awards. Be prepared, I'm passing along the Awards to some other awesome and adorable people too! Thank you to the Sheri for The Queen of All Things Awe-summm and Adorable Blog awards! The Queen of All Things Awe-summm award Rules for All things Awesome: List 7 things that make you awesome and then pass to the blogs that you love. Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know that they have won! Also link back to the Queen that tagged you. Seven things that make me awesome: (With the help of my son) 1. I am a youth worker, which entitles me to be young-at-heart at ALL times. 2. I love to create all sorts of things: music, poetry, paintings and whatever I can get my hands on. 3. I am optimistic. 4. I am funny, in what my 12 year old son describes as "The cheesy way." 5. I am open-minded a

SWB: Unplugged or Plugged in

Most times when I think of the word unplugged, it reminds me of the "Unplugged" Acoustic series that used to be on MTV forever ago. Today this word (and it's counter - plugged in) are the focus of this weeks Sleeping with Bread . Unplugged is how I feel when I get asked questions I can't answer and my energy fizzles, sizzles and zap -it's gone. Unplugged is how I feel on certain financial questions or projects that need done. Help. Unplugged is what happens when you realize there is more housework to do than is done. It makes me feel like renting a dumpster and start well... dumping. Unplugged is what happens when I spend too much time chasing things I really don't need at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plugged in is the moment my hubby smiles at me in the was that says, "I love you." I love you too. Plugged in is the moment I stand alone with my eyes closed, strum my guitar, and s