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Tick-Tack-Treat Game

Supplies needed: Pumpkin Lolly-pops Foam core board Color Paper 3 Bean bags Three sets of 2nd chance questions. Cover white/black foam board with color paper in three rows of three alternating colors. Lay completed tick-tack-toe board on floor. Stick candy lolly-pops into a pumpkin for a centerpiece. Allow players to toss the bean bags in order to get 3 in a row. If they win - allow them to choose a lolly-pop. If they miss or would like to try for a second one, offer them the chance to answer a "Brain Teaser" question, Halloween trivia question or a "Do you dare" challenge. If they get tick-tack-toe and the question they get two candies. If they get tick-tack-toe and choose to stop there they get one candy. If they get tick-tack-toe and miss the 2nd chance - they loose the first candy (double or nothing). If they miss tick-tack-toe but win the 2nd chance question they win one candy. Hope you enjoy this all-age activity for your upcoming Halloween parties! B

A friendly Halloween invite...

Image found at Hayward Library website. This Thursday Middle and High school youth will be visiting Lutheran Social Services residents from 6:30-8:30pm and holding a costume parade followed with group time in the Chapel. (Please wear friendly costumes that would be fun for the residents as well as youth.) This activity is coordinated with SLYM: Shared Lutheran Youth Ministry. If you need more info on SLYM, click on the following link: SLYM. This Friday (October 28th) First Lutheran Church's Member support and outreach committee will be hosting a community Halloween Party from 3:30-5pm. This party is geared for kids 12 and under, but if you are older you are welcome to attend or help. We will be having games, snacks and a parade of costumes. Happy Halloween - it's going to be a beary fun time!For more information call 969-3950.

Halloween is looking 'Rosie'!

Image from Free Historical Stock Photos. This year for Halloween, I'm happy to be dressing as "Rosie the riveter". I've alway' loved her look as well as her determined "We can do it!" frame of mind. It's also wonderful that there were and are many real life 'Rosie's" out there in the world. Thank you for all the it you have done and continue to do! Thursday evening, I'll be heading to a nursing home with youth group members to visit and share some happy Halloween cheer with the residents. Do you think there will be any "Rosie's" there? For now I have to wait and see. But for you, here's a peek at your's truly - in Rosie fashion.

Reboot "Artist's Share" and show and tell

In August of 2007, I helped to found a group designed to encourage, foster and help to better develop artistic efforts in the Chautauqua County area. This group was coined "Artist's Share of Chautauqua County" , in response to the group's focus on sharing creative gifts in a safe, affirming, and motivating environment. To watch a video on how the group started and what kinds of events the group has been working on, vist our page at Facebook here. This group is one that is very dear to my heart - and I'm so happy that I've connected with two other art's advocates, including Infinity Visual and Performing Arts , who are willing to help re-boot the group sometime around November 5th. News on the next show and tell will be posted soon!


Farewell dear friend. As you take this next step, know that God goes with you on the journey. This "rest stop" is a better one for having you spend some time here. Your caring words, ways and challenge to keep growing - is one you exemplify in how you live. Thank you for all you've given. Growing edges need to be cultivated. You have helped to cultivate the lives of many here and so it is right and good that you move on to a new space. This new space provides you with great room, sunlight, and rain - to grow. Once upon a time I wrote this phrase, " One question, is life about finding where you fit or fitting where you are?" . We all are searching for something. Success, love, and purpose are the big ones. But that feeling of fitting with a group of people, no matter the location, can help to make the most of the most challenging of circumstance. Please know that as you take the next few steps, that we are holding you and yours in our hearts. This