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Image found at NYpersonalinjury blog. Walking where I've strolled before, I stumble over unanticipated obstacles. At first, I hardly flinch and land like a cat on my feet - feeling steady, feeling graceful. Other times I catch my feet and have to take a minute to recover, but still land upright in the end. Then there are the trip ups that lead to all out crashes - face forward on the way up the stairs or a butt bouncing trip all the way down. In the washing machine spin cycle tumble - the world is a blur of color, sound and sensation. Is there an injury? Do I spring back up on my feet - embarrassed for the fall. Up and down are shuffled in an unpredictable jumble of misdirection. Are things really out of whack or do I just need some reorientation of space? Is limbo where I belong? It happens so fast and ends so abruptly, like waking up startled and sweaty from a dream - of falling. The chaos settles into fuzzy mindedness as the world tips upright once again. Walking whe

Canine wake up calls

What are the things that wake me up? Quite literally my alarm clock that goes off at 6am every morning to wake me up. Alarm noise is followed by a robust greeting from not-so-dainty 40lb. beagle cattle dog - Aggie. She plops on top of me with great anticipation of the great outdoor trek just minutes away from her Alphas feet hitting the floor. If I don't move fast enough, doggy kisses are on the way. Doggy kisses at 6am have an effective wake up call for just about anyone - espically me. When I think about the awareness of my dog, and her ability to be present to the moment, I'm challenged. In my very human way, I will so often be in a moment but at the same time be thinking, planning, or working out the moment that has passed or is yet to come. Dogs don't get caught up in the past or the future. Dog's live in the present. Even in the midst of a snoring canine sleep, Aggie will hear a noise and jump to attention barking at whatever has upset her rest. Often times,