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Plant something new

Last week I was on a stay-cation with my husband. While we wanted to take some day trips to some area parks. zoo, and other local stops that we don't have time for in our regular life, we also wanted to try a small "gardening" project too. We live on a corner lot with very steep hills that are six to eight feet deep and have mowed these hills for all the years we've lived here. These hills have claimed many hours of mowing time, two gas mowers and one people powered reel mower. This summer, it's our hope to try something new on these hills. We did the research on landscaping options, we consulted with a local nursery on what to plant, and we got our supplies in hand: Four flats of ivy Six bags of black mulch Two pair of gardening gloves A hand tiller Black weed blocking material - one roll Two days to try out our experiment Over the two days, we removed by hand the top sod layer, tilled the soil under by hand, removed the stones and weeds, laid the bl