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Showing posts from August 23, 2009

October chill

Painting The Flying Scotsman by Norman Wilkinson October's chill is calling, Fog is rolling and crickets sigh. The train whistle sings out - Wheels clack in the mid-of-night. Stay on track in the mourning night. There's always something moving - even the drowsy lark. There's always changes coming - even in the deepest dark. True happiness can't be kept apart, from arms that reach this wide. Those arms will embrace this whole sad world, and touch joy's great divide. Cause' there's always someone walking - in the sweaty heat of life. There's always someone moving - shifting between dark and bright. All wandering souls aren't' lost when remembering their cause. Of holding hope tight in the darkest night or the cold of an early frost. Hold on love; don't let go, even when daybreak is coming slow. Even shimmers of light should be proof, of what is real and what is truth. Cause' there's always someone trying - to tell you that you

Interactive Labyrinth

Labyrinth image from Soupablog. When looking through the links on The Open Door's website last evening, I stumbled across a website with an interactive Labyrinth to allow viewers to participate in this ancient Christian prayer practice. When I was at the YS National Youth Workers Convention in Pittsburgh several years ago, I was able to go through the physical version of this labyrinth and greatly enjoyed the experience. I was highly impressed that this online version was just as wonderful (although somewhat different) way to participate in this method of prayer. The prayer experience takes about 30-40 minutes, so allow the time needed as to not hurry through the different stations. It's well worth the time! Be blessed on the journey.

Hair fun continues

As for those who gave their opinions on what hair-do to 'do' last week, I decided to go with a blend of cut #1 and #2. Here's the result (above)of my time of cut and then later decided color at the salon, as well as my niece Carlie's handiwork (second photo) on my make up for the dessert night I went to on Saturday evening. Hope you all like the results! Lamont

SWB: Bread and water are calling

Image Despondent found at blog Julie Oakley . In light of a very busy July through August and almost September - I feel that in my heart, mind and body the bread of sleeping and the rest of water is calling loud in my ears. I'm listening. Yes I am. In the past week, the areas of life that have left me despondent were: comments of criticism in an area that I thought(and know)I'd done a good job in. One of those can't made all the people happy all the time kind of things. distance from my discipline of physical exercise due to an unusual schedule last week. my frustration and impatience over a groups inflexibility in a comparatively small issue in a small arena, when huge conflict surrounding a hot topic issue and its real life effects to people and relationships are surrounding me and challenging me on too many levels. my son's tumble off his bike earlier today, that may call for a doctor's check and a wrist x-ray in the morning instead of heading to the wa