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Showing posts from January 24, 2010

Dance Party

Moving furniture, setting up the stereo, putting on make-up and spraying glitter in our hair, opening the glo-stick packages, dimming the lights, inserting the mix CD, turning on the strobe light, kicking off our shoes, and turning the volume up to 10. This is our dance party, with silly string, Doritos, and our silly dorky selves having the time of our lives. This is our dance party. Will you come and join us? T.L. Eastman 2010

Sleeping Dog Prayer

Image from the blog - Jacko the Sleeping Dog. Sleeping dog lies beside me, growling to her dreams. She seems like an infant dozing happily next to me. If I rise to switch the laundry or to make a call - she will rise, with blinking eyes and follow me. She is content to be close to me as she sleeps. She is content to go where I go. She is content to simply be the black and white dog I found at the SPCA, but now she has a home. If only I were like this small creature - content to sit and live close to her master, not fretting about what is to come. Then I would not be planning what is next and be content to be who I am and where I am. I could sit with my master and rest, dozing at his side. T.L.Eastman 2010'

Poetry is who I am

Poetry is a language that I feel is my mother tongue. It's not that I can always make words rhyme, but my voice seems most centered and focused when writing prose/poetry. This channel does not seem to inhabit the interference that other places and methods of my life posses. In writing poetry, there are no dirty dishes, laundry piled waiting to be washed on the kitchen floor, or errands to run - although I may write a poem about all those things at one time or another. I believe my strongest writing voice is that of a poet - that simply is who I am. What do you think?


Image of Red Algae from Berkeley UCMP . Describe a color. It all started there- With the color red, my fifth-grade teacher that looked like Mrs. Claus and my composition book. I did not know the door I was passing through was the one that ever since has been my doorway home. It's a home that was new to me then, yet somehow it had always been. It's a place I can always travel to, no matter where I am. It's never too far away. To make this journey, all I need is a pencil, a notebook, and my memory of Mrs. H smiling as she reads what she finds written on the pages inside. T.L. Eastman 2010

Keep moving

Photo found at So many pieces to fit into place, So many options in the daily race. So many reasons to want more to say, So many seasons to live every day. Green lights are calling me to take the next step. Green lights are hinting of what will be, but isn't yet. Green lights are shining from a long way away. Green lights are calling, while I watch and I pray. Sometimes they are sneaky and shrouded in dark, but even from far away the green light says go. So I press the accelerator with both feet and my heart. T.L. Eastman 2010

SWB: Joy Vampries and AAA People

Phillip Burne-Jones "The Vampire" 1897 Image found here . This week's question for our shared Sleeping With Bread examen/meme can be chosen from any of the ones on this list: For what am I most grateful? Least grateful? When did I give and receive the most love? The least love? When did I feel most alive? Most drained of life? When did I have the greatest sense of belonging? Least sense of belonging? When was I most free? Least free? When was I most creative? Least creative? When did I feel most connected? Least connected? When did I feel most fully myself? Least myself? When did I feel most whole? Most fragmented? But from my experiences in the last week , I found myself thinking a great deal in terms of energy. What were the circumstances, people and days that left me feeling depleted of or filled with ENERGY? So in layperson's terms our question to reflect upon would be... What turned your lights on?" and "What turned your lights off?" In li

Sacred Sunday: Celtic Prayer

COME I THIS DAY Come I this day to the Father, Come I this day to the Son, Come I to the Holy Spirit powerful; Come I this day with God, Come I this day with Christ, Come I with the Spirit of kindly balm. God, and Spirit, and Jesus, From the crown of my head To the soles of my feet; Come I with my reputation, Come I with my testimony, Come I to you, Jesu; Jesu, shelter me. For more Celtic Prayers - visit here .