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This is a team. We need to work as one. Our focus, function and motivation is centered on the center - the Way. This is a team not a solo act. - no middlemen - no hucksters - no clowns. Standing hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder. Strong and commanding. Understanding. This is a team. Sometimes the burden seems so heavy. The input isn’t equaling what the output could be. The team needs to pick me up and carry me to the sidelines. Let me rest by the Gator-aid cooler… This is my team, my life, my hope. Cover my back while I catch my breath.

"Collective selfishness"

The term "collective selfishness", is taken from Chapter 2 of Krista Tippett's book, 'Speaking of Faith'. Here are just some thoughts concerning this idea. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Collective selfishness" is something that Rauschenbusch fought in the heat of Hell's Kitchen. It was 1920, but it was already there. Growing bigger, ever wanting more, never satisfied and this was only the tip of the iceberg. It's purpose was to consume whatever it could: no caring, no compassion, just individualistic and collective greed. It's like the "blob"in that old science fiction film - only you can't stop it by freezing it. It's too hot and aggressive. It's like thirsty cracked soil except it can't absorb the water because it's too dry, too lonely and too weary to remember how to drink. It's has the effect of starvation, swelling the belly and yellowing the eyes;