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I belong

"You are my child. You are written in the palms of my hand. You are hidden in the shadow of my hand. I have molded you in the secret of the earth. I have knitted you together in your mother's womb. You belong to me. I am yours. You are mine. I have called you from eternity and you are the one who is held safe and embraced in love from eternity to eternity. You belong to me. And I am holding you safe and I want you to know that whatever happens to you, I am always there. I am always there; I am always there; I always be there and hold you in my embrace. You are mine. You are my child. You belong to my home. You belong to my intimate life and I will never let you go. I will be faithful to you." This is a writing by Henri Nowin. It has a great deal of wisdom and focus on God's grace and love for each one of us. May I let these words take root in my heart and mind... Tara