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Please release me, let me go

The lyrics of the song, "Please release me, let me go.."  (thank you Tom Jones ) have been bouncing around my mind all week. I've been pondering on the practical and spiritual meaning of the story of Lazarus and what it means to be "untied" from things that bind or hold people back. Later this weekend, I will be sharing a children's message based on the reading in John 11, concerning the death of Lazarus. I know the story and I'm pretty sure that we shared it with the kids at VBS a few years ago, but I'd like to be careful in how it's presented. This Sunday is All Saints Sunday, it was just Halloween - and as much as I like the fun of Halloween, I don't want the account of Lazarus and Jesus to sound like another spooky story. The more I read this account, the more I'm struck on how Jesus walks into a situation of grief, experiences that grief, and takes action to release his friends and himself from it. The words that I keep g

Rainy Day Recipe: "Stir it up Sandy" Veggie Curry

Ingredients: 3-4 Heads of Kohlrabi 4 Beets (Fresh) 3-4 Yellow and Green Squash 1 Large Sweet Onion Bunch of Green Onion 1 Bag Baby Carrots 2 Apples Handful of Kale Canned tomatoes Spices: Berbere (African Spice) to taste. Fresh Ginger Root - as you like it. Papricka Cinnamon Olive Oil Pepper Salt Chicken/Veg. Soup Stock Chop all veggies and toss in large saute pan with olive oil and all spices. Simmer till all veggies are tender. You may want to add the tougher veggies first (Carrots, Kohlrabi, Beets and Onions) and the more tender veggies later.) Before you serve, mash the stew a little to desired consistency. Serve over rice, quinoa , or with good bread. I add an additional dash of cinnamon toward the end of the cooking process for an extra dose of taste. If you like, add a little fresh mozzarella to the top of the dish for contrast with the sweet spicy flavor. Enjoy! T

Hurricane Prayer

My Facebook friend Gary posted this link earlier today and I can't help but re-share it here. While many on the East coast stand up to oncoming hurricane weather, first responders  have been preparing and those inland watch pray-fully from hundreds of miles away. We all are keeping friends closer to the storm close in thoughts and prayers. We all want to help in some way. At the least, or some might say most, we can all pray, support and work together to bring all people to safety in this stormy time. Thanks Gary for sending this link out today. "God of the Universe, at the dawn of creation, your Spirit breathed on the waters, making them the wellspring of all holiness. You created the oceans and rivers, and all that dwell within them, and at your word the wind and the waves were born. The seasons follow your plan, and the tides rise and fall on your command. In both calm and storm, you are with us. On the Sea of Galilee, even when the disciples began to fear, Jesus